Olha Lang lives in Switzerland since 2006. The main focus of her work is to share joy and capture a light-hearted playful attitude. Her paintings are designed to create little islands of comfort, harmony and a good mood in our stressful and busy lifes. 

The largest series of Olha’s paintings include “Windows”(2019-2020), “Travel and discover” (2020-2022) and "Ukraine" (2022). 

With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Olha found her own way to help Ukraine and it’s citizens – she started the charity project "from painting to scarf": she created a number of bright, motivating yellow and blue paintings and transferred them to the canvas, transforming them into scarfs, so that others could also feel positive vibes and the energy of victory. All funds from the sale of scarfs are directed to the needs of the association (where Olha is actively volunteering since February 2022).